Xiangquan Fuyankang Pian For Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 0.25g*100 Tablets

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Generic name: Fuyankang tablets
Chinese Pinyin: FuYanKangPian
Product name: Xiangquan
Ingredients: Red peony root, Smilax glabra, Triangle (fried in vinegar), Chuan neem (fried), Zedoary (fried in vinegar), Corydalis (fried in vinegar), Gorgon (fried in vinegar), Angelica, Sophora flavescens, Xiangfu (in vinegar) , Phellodendron, Salvia, Yam.
Properties: This product is a sugar-coated tablet, which is yellow-brown to black-brown after being coated; it has a slight smell and a slightly bitter taste.
Functions and indications: clearing heat and removing dampness, detoxifying and removing blood stasis, dispelling masses and relieving pain, used for damp-heat betting, toxins and blood stasis mutual obstruction, treatment of collateral diseases, symptomatic symptoms, yellow color, odor, less abdominal pain, lumbar muscle pain , Bitter mouth, dry throat, vaginitis, chronic adnexitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease see the above syndromes.
Specification: 0.25g*100 pieces/box
Usage and dosage: Orally, 6 tablets each time, 3 times a day.
Adverse reactions: Unclear.
Contraindications: Contraindicated for pregnant women.
Note: 1. Avoid spicy, cold, and greasy food.
2. Use with caution during menstruation and lactation.
3. Those suffering from other diseases should take it under the guidance of a physician.
4. People with menorrhagia should not take it.
5. Those who bring bloody secretions, or frequent urination, urgency, or painful urination should go to the hospital for treatment.
6. If the symptoms are not relieved after taking the medicine for 2 weeks, go to the hospital for treatment.
7. People who are allergic to this product should not use it with caution.
8. It is forbidden to take the medicine when its properties change.
9. Please keep this medicine out of reach of children.
10. If you are taking other medicines, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product.
Drug interactions: Drug interactions may occur if used with other drugs at the same time. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for details.
Storage: sealed.
Packaging: High-density polyethylene bottles for oral solid medicine, 100 tablets/bottle X1 bottle/box.
Validity period: 36 months
Approval number: National Medicine Zhunzi Z43020076
Company Name: Hunan Xiangquan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Company Address: Yaxi, Jishou City, Hunan Province