SUNLON An Luo Hua Qian Wan For Hepatitis B Liver Cirrhosis 6g* 6 Bags

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Please read the instructions carefully and use them under the guidance of the doctor.

General name: Anluo chemical fiber pill

Chinese phonetic alphabet: anluohuaqianwan

Name of goods: Sen long pharmaceutical industry

Ingredients: Rehmannia glutinosa, 37, leech, earthworm, etc.

Character: Black Brown concentrated pill, tiny gas, bitter taste.

Functional indications:
Invigorating the spleen and nourishing the liver, cooling blood and activating blood, softening hardening and dispersing stagnation. The symptoms of chronic hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis in the early and mid-term, two deficiency of liver and spleen and the syndrome of blood stasis and heat are symptomatic. The symptoms of the symptoms of flank pain, abdominal distention, fatigue, dry mouth, dry mouth, loose stool, stool and yellow urine.

Specification: 6g*6 bag / box

Dosage: oral administration, 6 grams a time, two times a day or as prescribed by doctors, and 3 months as a course of treatment.

Adverse reactions: not yet clear.

Taboo: forbidden by pregnant women.

Caution: alcohol, chili, and menstrual period.

Storage: seal.

Packaging: aluminum plastic composite membrane bag, 6 bags / boxes.

Period of validity: 36 months

Approval number: Chinese medicine Z20010098

Name of enterprise: Sen long Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Business address: No. 239 Yan Chang Road, Yanjiao hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Sanhe, Hebei.