Meng Qi Qing Xue Ba Wei Pian For Cerebrovascular 0.5g * 120 Tablets

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Pinyin : Qingxue Bawei Pian
Product name : Mengqi
Ingredients : Cold water stone (cool), comfrey, earthenwood, artificial bezoar, hazelnut, buckwheat, gypsum, licorice; excipient is starch
Traits : This product is a film-coated piece. After removing the film coat, it is grayish purple: fragrant, slightly sweet.
Indications: Clear blood. For blood heat headache, thirst, heatstroke
Specifications : Each piece weighs 0.5g
Dosage : Oral, 2+3 tablets at a time, 1-2 times at a time
Adverse reactions : not clear
Taboo : pregnant women disabled
Matters needing attention: 1. Diet should be light
2. Hypertension, high blood, high blood stasis, and blood dryness are all "blood". When chronic diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia are severely ill, they should be used under the guidance of a physician.
3. The production should be taken according to the black usage and dosage. Children and elderly people should take it under the guidance of the doctor.
4. After one week of taking the drug, the symptoms are not relieved, or the symptoms are aggravated, or new serious symptoms appear. Stop the drug immediately and go to the hospital.
5. For the use of this product, the physical quality of the people.
6. It is forbidden to use when the trait of this product changes.
7. Children must be used under the protection of adults
8. Keep this product out of reach of children.
9. If you are using other medicines, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product.
Drug Interactions : Drug interactions may occur if used in conjunction with other drugs. Consult your physician or pharmacist for details.
Storage : Sealed
Packing : Aluminum-plastic board packaging, 120 pieces per box
Validity: 36 months
Approval number: National Medicine Zhunzi Z2090836
Company Name : Inner Mongolia Qi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.