Besano Bicyclol Tablets For Hepatitis 25mg*18 Tablets

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Generic name: Bicyclic alcohol tablets
Chinese Pinyin: shuanghuanchunpian
Product name: Beseno
Ingredients: The main ingredient of this product is bicyclic alcohol.
Properties: This product is a white piece.
Indications: This product is suitable for the treatment of elevated aminotransferase caused by chronic hepatitis.
Specification: 25mg*18 tablets/box
Usage and Dosage: Oral, the usual dose for adults is 25mg (1 tablet) each time, if necessary, it can be increased to 50mg (2 tablets), three times a day, at least 6 months or as directed by the doctor, should be gradually reduced.
Adverse reactions: Patients have good tolerance to this product, and very few patients have skin rashes. If the rash is obvious, the drug can be stopped for observation, and anti-allergic drugs can be taken if necessary.
Taboo: People who are allergic to this product should not be used.
Note: 1. During the medication period, the patient's clinical symptoms, signs and liver function changes should be closely observed, and follow-up should be strengthened after the course of treatment.
2. Patients with liver function decompensation, such as significantly elevated bilirubin, hypoalbuminemia, cirrhosis, ascites, esophageal varices bleeding, hepatic encephalopathy, severe heart, brain, and kidney organic diseases, and bone marrow suppression , I would like to follow the doctor's advice.
Drug interactions: There is no research data on the interaction of this product with other drugs.
Pharmacology and Toxicology: Bicyclol has a significant hepatoprotective effect and a certain anti-hepatitis virus effect. It is manifested as four types of acute liver injury in mice caused by carbon tetrachloride, D-galactosamine, and paracetamol, and immune hepatitis in mice. Animal models have a significant effect on reducing the level of serum transaminase, and the pathological and morphological damage of liver tissue has been reduced to varying degrees. In addition, for the rat model of chronic carbon tetrachloride liver injury, in addition to reducing serum transaminase, bicyclol has the effect of improving the serum albumin/globulin ratio and liver proline content, that is, reducing liver fibrosis effect. The 2.2.15 cell line of human hepatitis B virus was transfected with human liver cancer cells. Bicyclol has the effect of inhibiting the secretion of HBeAg, HBV-DNA and HBsAg. Bicyclol has not been found to be toxic in the long-term chronic toxicity test of rats and dogs. No teratogenic and mutagenic toxicity.
Pharmacokinetics: This product can be used to treat elevated aminotransferase caused by chronic hepatitis. It is suitable for elevated transaminase in mild to moderate chronic viral hepatitis and non-viral chronic hepatitis.
Medication for pregnant women and breastfeeding women: There is no research data on pregnant women and breastfeeding women.
Children's medication: The optimal dose for children under 14 years of age has yet to be determined.
Medication for elderly patients: The optimal dose for elderly patients over 70 years of age has yet to be determined.
Drug overdose: The animal toxicity test of this product indicates that the administration is equivalent to 150 times to 400 times the human dosage, and no toxic reaction occurs. If a large amount of drug is taken by mistake, adverse reactions can be treated symptomatically.
Storage: Keep tightly sealed.
Packaging: Aluminum-plastic blister packaging. 9 pieces in a board, 1 board in a box. 2. Aluminum-plastic blister packaging. -9 pieces of board, 1 board per box.
Validity period: 36 months
Approval number: National Medicine Zhunzi H20040467
Company Name: Beijing Concord Pharmaceutical Factory