Bao Xin An You Bo He Hu Biao You For Mosquito Bites 18.6ml Liquid

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Product Overview

Generic name: Peppermint watch oil
Chinese Pinyin: BoHeHuBiaoYou
Product name: Bao Xin An Oil
Ingredients: Boho oil, dragon's blood, cinnamon oil, skullcap, tea oil, licorice.
Properties: This product is brown-red, clear, oily liquid; with mint aroma.
Indications: To expel wind and pain, relieve swelling, promote blood circulation and relieve itching, used for cold and nasal congestion, dizziness and headache, muscle sprain, mosquito bites and motion sickness.
Specification: 18.6ml*1 bottle/box
Usage and dosage: For external use, apply appropriate amount of liquid medicine to the affected area.
Adverse reactions: not yet clear
Taboo: Not clear yet
Precautions: 1. This product is for external use only, not to be taken internally. 2. Please keep this medicine out of reach of children.
Drug interactions: Drug interactions may occur if used with other drugs at the same time. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for details.
Pharmacology and Toxicology: Unclear
Storage: Airtight, keep in a cool place.
Packaging: 1 bottle per can, 18.6ml per bottle.
Validity period: 36 months
Executive standard: Imported drug registration standard JZ20050008
Approval number: Pharmaceutical product registration number ZC20120001
Company Name: Po Sum On Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review